A psycho-educational or psychological assessment is an individualized assessment geared to having a fuller understanding of an individual’s development or functioning in various areas (e.g., educational, social-emotional, behavioural, vocational). An assessment among other things:

  • Assesses a wide range of skills including, thinking & reasoning (intellectual), language, memory and learning, attention, planning and organization, fine motor, academic and social-emotional.

  • Highlights an individual's areas of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Evaluates academic functioning (reading, writing, spelling, math).

  • Provides useful information on how an individual is functioning academically compared to his/her potential.

  • Identifies areas for academic support based on profile of strengths or weaknesses (e.g. enrichment programs, remedial programs, special education).

  • Provides recommendations for behavioural intervention.

  • Assists in identifying factors that may be impacting an individual's learning and general functioning (e.g., social and/or emotional problems).

  • May lead to a diagnosis that helps facilitate academic accommodations at the elementary, secondary, college or university level as well as academic funding or access to community resources and services.

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